The guys over at did a nice overview of the Caudabe Sheath, Veil XT, and Synthesis for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They underestimated the drop protection of the Sheath a little bit - it's now our bestselling product and customers rave about how well it holds up for everyday drops and tumbles. If you're looking for a sleek, minimalist, ultra slim iPhone 7 case that still provides great drop protection, in our humblest of humble opinions, the Caudabe Sheath is the perfect solution for you. There's a reason Wirecutter named the Caudabe Sheath the Best Thin Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. did both a nice writeup and video review (below).  

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Curious about all the fine details we designed into the Caudabe Sheath? Polish site MyApple.Pl has an outstanding review with great photos. Check it out: (Pro tip: view the page in Google Chrome and translate from Polish to English)

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The guys at Craving Tech got their hands on the Veil XT for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and they think "[i]t looks great and precisely blends in with the iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to its minimalist and slim design, it doesn’t have any noticeable weight to [the] iPhone 7 Plus, yet makes it more grippy and safe than going completely naked."  Check out the full review here.

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Instagram 20% off SALE! Follow us on Instagram (@caudabe) and look for the image below. You'll find a discount code in the comments section, good for 20% off your next order at SALE ENDS THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22!

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What would an iPhone launch be without a slew of new Caudabe cases? While some of our iPhone 6 cases will work with their 6S counterparts, we'll be releasing a version of the everyone's favorite ultra thin iPhone case, the Veil XT, designed specifically for the 6S. Do also stay posted for other new product releases soon! 

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"Caudabe" is slowly but surely becoming synonymous with "great customer experience", and that's because we put such a huge emphasis on making sure that you're happy with your order. Part of that is in the design/manufacturing stage where our products reflect a careful consideration of every little detail. But, a big part of it is also the support we provide AFTER you make your purchase. That's why we call it a "Hassle-Free" warranty.  To many other companies, product warranties are usually just fancy lip service or maybe even something the in-house lawyer conjured up. Whatever the case, typically the experience is just bad. Slow response times, multiple hoops to jump through just to get a replacement processed, and then long wait times to get the replacement itself. But, to us, our Hassle-Free, 1-Year Warranty is an integral part of the overall Caudabe experience. We want you to be confident that if anything ever goes wrong with your Caudabe product, even if it's your dog's fault, we'll take care of you.     So feel free to contact us at if you ever have any issues. Just have a photo of the issue and your order number handy. Under most circumstances, you'll have a...

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It's been a busy few months for us over here at Caudabe. Tons of new press coverage, mostly about how awesome the ultra thin Caudabe Veil is for your iPhone 6. Take a look: Wall Street Journal - Don't Go Naked: These Cases Make Your iPhone 6 Better. "If you want a case, but don't want anyone to know you have one ... Caudabe's $15 transparent Veil ... reduces slipping and scratching, and surrounds the iPhone's protruding camera lens. - This impossibly thin iPhone case is just $15 on Amazon. "Called simply “The Veil,” this sleek iPhone 6 hard case by Caudabe is impossibly thin. It covers the back of the phone and the sides, and it also includes a slight ridge around the protruding camera lens for added protection." Wirecutter. "Caudabe’s The Veil ... is our favorite for those who are mainly looking to prevent scratches. It’s just 0.35 millimeters thick, and it’s one of the few cases of this type to have a front lip—albeit a small one—for protecting the screen when you set your phone face-down." Techmusings - Review: Caudabe Veil XT for iPhone 6.  "The Caudabe Veil is the thinnest case available for the iPhone 6 ... My experience with the Caudabe Veil on...

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Now that Apple has sold, oh, over 4 million iPhones on the FIRST DAY of pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we wanted to take the time to let you know that we've got some great announcements of our own coming, too. Stay posted to this blog, our Facebook page and our newsletter for updates! You'll like what's coming. Guaranteed!   

Read “Caudabe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases coming soon!”

iPhone 6 is right around the corner and the rumors are heating up! The latest rumors (from Macrumors) indicates that Apple is placing an order with its suppliers for 68 million iPhone 6 units ahead of its launch this fall. Yes, 68 million. For reference, that's apparently twice as large as the orders for the iPhone 5 launch a couple of years ago. There's only one way to describe this: CRAZY! And it certainly means we've been working hard to make sure we're ready for this big launch. Get ready for some awesome products. Like, for example, the Caudabe Veil that you all know and love so much! Stay posted! 

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We've received so much positive feedback on the Caudabe Veil for the iPhone 5s that we HAD to make something just as great for the iPhone 5c as well. To kickoff our launch of the Caudabe Veil for the iPhone 5c, we're running a Facebook campaign to giveaway FREE cases to 5 lucky winners! Click on the link below to our Facebook page for more details: Caudabe Veil Facebook giveaway   GOOD LUCK!

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All hail the ubiquitous iPad! It looks like American Airlines has nowdeployed iPads to all of its pilots. This implementation replaces all of those bulky paper flight manuals previously on board. Aside from saving millions of dollars in fuel, it's also probably much easier to use!  And hey, American Airlines? Could we suggest protecting those iPads with one of our bestsellingCaudabe Shells? Or perhaps one of our bestsellingCaudabe Mini Shells? Just saying ...   

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With Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference coming up next June, we're all anxious to see what, if any, fancy new hardware Apple's going to release. The rumor circuit is now full of buzz about production beginning for displays to be used in upcoming iPhone 5S. According to the Japanese publication, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (via Macrumors), Sharp will begin production in June. Meanwhile, both Japan Display and Korea's LG Displays have begun production of iPhone 5S displays. Assuming that mass production typically takes 3-4 months prior to launch, we're looking at a September or October launch of the iPhone 5S. Of course, here at Caudabe we're always in tune with the latest and greatest Apple developments, including whispers of a new budget iPhone that may also be right around the corner. Stay posted to this blog for more! 

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We are always thrilled to release new products, but we're particularly excited about the Caudabe Veil. Manufactured using advanced injection molding techniques, the Veil is the thinnest case we've ever made. An incredible 0.35mm thin. You've got to see it to believe. I personally like the frost version on my white iPhone 5 the best - the case almost disappears. Just awesome.  The Veil comes in the aforemtioned frost and wisp (black). Get yours today in our shop! 

Read “Introducing the Caudabe Veil - Ultra Thin and Ultra Sleek”

We know you love your iPad mini. We certainly love ours. And we know you love your Caudabe Shell - it was the bestselling product in 2012. So what did we do? We went right back to the drawing board to create something even better.  The end result? Introducing the Caudabe Mini Shell! Check it out right here. This sucker is not only made out of the same premium material as the Caudabe Shell, it also has a built-in molded latch to secure your Smart Cover. You know how your Smart Cover always tends to slip off in your bag or even sometimes when you're just holding your iPad? Yeah, well, those days are over with the Caudabe Mini Shell. Just slap on your smart cover and the Mini Shell snaps on right behind it.  The Caudabe Mini Shell is availabe now right here on our website and through participating resellers. We hope you love it as much as we do!  

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So it's that time of the year again (when is it NOT that time of the year ...). Word on the street has it that the forthcoming iPad 5 (the "newer new new iPad with Retina Display"?) is currently in the prototype stages with the back plate pictured below (as supplied by 9to5Mac) having been snatched up from a supposed leak in the supply chain. If this is indeed the iPad 5 back plate, it's taken quite a few design cues from the current gen iPad mini (ok, it's taken ALL of its design cues from the iPad mini). Interestingly enough, the previously ginormous bezels of iPads 1, 2 and 3 are now purportedly being reduced to pinky-like widths. The iPad 5 should also be quite a bit thinner than its current full-bodied incarnation, which begs the question as to how Apple can manage to maintain the same legendary 10-hr battery life in that slim of a form factor. Some point to the adoption of super thin IGZO displays as one of the answers.   We're hearing that the iPad 5 is looking at an October release this year, but only time will tell! For now, you can bet your bottom...

Read “Oh boy, here we go again ... iPad 5 rumors, rumors and more rumors.”

Hey, no one ever said it was easy making really awesome products (like, oh, you know, our bestselling Caudabe Shell Premium iPad back cover)! We lost count of the number of times we've been asked about a launch date for our iPhone 5 and iPad mini accessories and we apologize profusely for the long wait. But, we're very happy to announce that coming very soon will be an entire lineup for your viewing, and of course purchasing, pleasure. Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook and Twitter pages! 

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Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had as much of a blast this holiday as we did! Now that 2013 is underway, we thought we'd kick off it the right way with a first-week sale. We're announce 20% off every order. That's right, for every $10 you purchase, you save $2. For every $20 you purchase, you save $4. For every $30 you purchase, you save $5. For every ... you get the point. All you have to do is enter coupon code "firstweeksale" at checkout. But hurry fast, the sale ends this Sunday!       

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For those of you loyal T-Mobile subscribers who've been salivating over the iPhone but unwilling (or unable) to leave T-Mobile, you're now in luck. T-Mobile has officially announced that they've entered into a partnership with Apple to offer the iPhone in 2013. More iPhone users is always a good thing. For the world and for Caudabe, of course. :)  Now given that current unlocked AT&T or Verizon iPhones still do not receive anything above a 2G/EDGE connection in most of the US, our enthusiasm is slightly tempered. But hopefully T-Mobile can hurry up their refarming process!

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One of the most frequent questions we get, sometimes from our end customers and invariably from our distributors, is pretty simple: "So which of your products is the bestselling?" And usually, it's a pretty close race between a few products. This year, though, the people have spoken loud and clear. Our bestselling product in 2012 (yes, so far) is our line of iPad back covers and specifically the Caudabe Shell in frost. We're very happy to say that this product has sold like absolute hotcakes and it's not difficult to see why. When we say premium, we mean it! We crafted it to fit your iPad 2, 3 or 4 perfectly and we're proud to say it offers the best protection for your iPad hands down. Of course, don't take our word for it. Pick one up in our online store. If you don't like it, as always you have a whopping 90 days to change your mind And the best part? We're heading into the biggest shopping period of the year, which means you may just see some great specials on some (or all) of our products. Stay tuned to this blog and, of course, to our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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We know you love our Caudabe premium iPad back cover. And there's nothing like the smooth, satin-y red of our Satin Series Shell iPhone case, right? Well, there's only one thing we can think of that's better than owning a Caudabe product. And that's making money with Caudabe products! We are pleased to announce that Caudabe is now a member of the acclaimed ShareASale affiliate network. For all you publishers out there who love our products, now there's a way for you to profit from those products as well. For details and to sign up, check out our Affiliate Program page. And feel free to email with any questions.  We look forward to welcoming you on to the Caudabe team!  

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Once again, a BIG shout out to our wonderful Supply Chain Manager, who has been vacationing through Asia. Yesterday, he managed to take some great shots of the iPad mini launch in Hong Kong. And today, he got up at the crack of dawn to head to Shenzhen for the grand opening of the city's first Apple store. Someone give this man a big, fat bonus!    In any event, Shenzhen, as most people are aware by now, is home to Foxconn, Apple's primary contract manufacturer for iOS devices. What most people may not know is that Shenzhen is one of the wealthiest cities in China and typically joins Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as one of China's so-called "first tier" cities. So it's not surprise that Shenzhen is the first city outside of Beijing where Apple has chosen to open its first retail store. It also happens to be the center of the counterfeit electronics industry in China. Not 10 miles away from this official Apple store is an area called Hua Qiang Bei, replete with all sorts of counterfeit doodads. And a few "replica" (read: really, crappy, fake) Apple stores, of course. For anyone who's ever been to an Apple...

Read “LIVE - Shenzhen Apple Store Grand Opening!”

Thanks to our awesome Supply Chain Manager, who's currently vacationing in Asia, we got some great pictures of the launch of the iPad mini in Hong Kong. Here's how he described his first impressions of the device: "Incredibly light - really hard to describe how light it is. Really solid build quality and a lot of fun to hold. Just an all-around impressive device. The screen isn't a Retina Display, but it's definitely a step up from the iPad 2 owing to the smaller screen size. I'm positive this thing is going to be a big hit this holiday season. I would've picked one up myself, but apparently Apple has implemented an online-only reservation system for Hong Kong residents. Can't wait to get back Stateside and pick one up!"  Here are a few snapshots he was able to take (all available on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, of course), along with his comments:   "The iPad mini table was packed with people. All the other tables were relatively empty." "The mini smart covers are adorable lined up next to the big ones!" "Just a gorgeous device in person. And super light."  And if that weren't enough, he's on his way...

Read “The iPad mini is here! Live at the Hong Kong launch”

We've lost count of the number of you who've emailed us thrilled with your products but requesting free shipping on your orders. Well, we're happy to announce that your wish is our command! Starting today, all orders $25 or more will have the option of FREE shipping anywhere in the continental United States via USPS First Class mail with delivery confirmation.  We hope you're as thrilled as we are to offer this service. Please, as always, shoot us a quick email at and let us know how we're doing. We always love to hear your suggestions!    

Read “Introducing FREE SHIPPING!”

Today's Apple event at the California Theatre in the Bay Area gave us what we expected, a 7.9" iPad mini, and a little bit of the unexpected in the form of a NEW new iPad (aka the 4th generation iPad ... aka the iPad with Retina Display). There were also updates to the Macbook, iMac and Mac Mini lines. But we're in the business of mobile device accessories, so we'll focus on the iPad updates.  iPad mini As we all expected, the 7.9" iPad mini is now a reality. Coming in white/silver and black/slate colors, the iPad mini takes the goodness of the iPad and packs it into a smaller form factor weighing just a mere 0.68 pounds. If we're honest, though, it's more or less a smaller iPad 2. Inside is the same A5 processor and 1024 x 768 resolution screen that we see on the iPad 2. Pricing starts at $329 for a WiFi / 16GB version. Sure to sell like hotcakes for the upcoming holiday season.  iPad 4th generation Although some analysts reported that there may be updates to the 3rd gen iPad in the works, we were skeptical. After all, the 3rd gen is only a little over half a...

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We're only a few more days away from next week's Apple event, presumably to release the iPad Mini (iPad Air? iPad Nano?). Here at Caudabe, we've managed through our supplier relationships to get a copy of the latest "official" specs for the iPad Mini and are hard at work on new cases.  But we wanted to pose the question to all of you. What sorts of cases would YOU like to see for the upcoming iPad Mini. Skins? Ultra thin back covers? Folio cases? Folio cases with multiple position stands?   Leave a comment or let us know at!     

Read “What would you like to see on your iPad Mini?”

With data security such a hot topic these days, we wanted to reiterate our commitment to keeping all of your information safe and secure. Shopping online is hugely convenient, but doesn't come without risks. That's why we'd like to highlight two very important points:  Absolute privacy for your data. We will NEVER (ever, ever, ever) provide or sell your information to third parties. All of your payment details are collected only to process payment. We do not keep it on record. If you so choose, we will contact you from time to time with news about our new product and promotions. But, otherwise, we won't bother you at all. We take your trust very seriously and will work our hardest to make sure we never lose it.  128-bit SSL encryption. Our site is hosted by Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms around. Shopify utilizes industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfers, ensuring that no one can snoop in on your computer and steal your data while it's being transmitted to us. Rest assured that your credit card information and other details necessary for payment processing are safe and sound.  So, truly, the only thing we take...

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Ever since the launch of the iPhone 5 (and, frankly, even before it), we've been flooded with requests about the availability for our iPhone 5 cases. Rest assured, they're coming! And very soon. Much of the same goodness we gave you for the iPhone 4/4S and a bunch of new stuff we are sure will absolutely delight you.  Stay posted! Feel free to signup for our newsletter in the box at the bottom of the page for prompt updates!  

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With the release of the iPhone 5 just two days away, we thought we'd share a few tips on how to choose the perfect case online. Case manufacturers are a dime a dozen these days, as we know all too well. Bargains abound online, but they don't come without a little risk. You might think you're getting the real thing, you might be victim to a cheap knockoff. So here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you're protected:  Return policy.  Many of the reputable brands will have virtually no-questions-asked return policies (like this). Why take a chance these days on crappy product? Make sure you have the ability to return the product if you don't like it.  If it's too good to be true ... it probably is. See a Caudabe case for $5.95 somewhere online? Chances are, it's a knockoff. We're doing all we can to combat the counterfeiters, but there's just too many of them and not enough of us (and, in any event, we'd rather spend our time thinking up new products for you). Your best bet is to buy directly from the manufacturer on their website. Or, at least check the retail...

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Thanks for visiting our site. Remember to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our upcoming Pinterest page! And, of course, stay tuned to this blog for the latest and greatest on new product releases and BIG discounts. 

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