"Caudabe" is slowly but surely becoming synonymous with "great customer experience", and that's because we put such a huge emphasis on making sure that you're happy with your order. Part of that is in the design/manufacturing stage where our products reflect a careful consideration of every little detail. But, a big part of it is also the support we provide AFTER you make your purchase. That's why we call it a "Hassle-Free" warranty. 

To many other companies, product warranties are usually just fancy lip service or maybe even something the in-house lawyer conjured up. Whatever the case, typically the experience is just bad. Slow response times, multiple hoops to jump through just to get a replacement processed, and then long wait times to get the replacement itself. But, to us, our Hassle-Free, 1-Year Warranty is an integral part of the overall Caudabe experience. We want you to be confident that if anything ever goes wrong with your Caudabe product, even if it's your dog's fault, we'll take care of you.  
So feel free to contact us at support@caudabe.com if you ever have any issues. Just have a photo of the issue and your order number handy. Under most circumstances, you'll have a replacement at your doorstep very soon!