Thanks to our awesome Supply Chain Manager, who's currently vacationing in Asia, we got some great pictures of the launch of the iPad mini in Hong Kong. Here's how he described his first impressions of the device: "Incredibly light - really hard to describe how light it is. Really solid build quality and a lot of fun to hold. Just an all-around impressive device. The screen isn't a Retina Display, but it's definitely a step up from the iPad 2 owing to the smaller screen size. I'm positive this thing is going to be a big hit this holiday season. I would've picked one up myself, but apparently Apple has implemented an online-only reservation system for Hong Kong residents. Can't wait to get back Stateside and pick one up!" 

Here are a few snapshots he was able to take (all available on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, of course), along with his comments:

"The iPad mini table was packed with people. All the other tables were relatively empty."

"The mini smart covers are adorable lined up next to the big ones!"

"Just a gorgeous device in person. And super light." 

And if that weren't enough, he's on his way to the Shenzhen Apple store grand opening over there. All this while on "vacation"! (How's that for dedication?)  Stay tuned for more...