We know you love your iPad mini. We certainly love ours. And we know you love your Caudabe Shell - it was the bestselling product in 2012. So what did we do? We went right back to the drawing board to create something even better. 

The end result? Introducing the Caudabe Mini Shell! Check it out right here. This sucker is not only made out of the same premium material as the Caudabe Shell, it also has a built-in molded latch to secure your Smart Cover. You know how your Smart Cover always tends to slip off in your bag or even sometimes when you're just holding your iPad? Yeah, well, those days are over with the Caudabe Mini Shell. Just slap on your smart cover and the Mini Shell snaps on right behind it. 

The Caudabe Mini Shell is availabe now right here on our website and through participating resellers. We hope you love it as much as we do!