Who We Are

We began as a group of smartphone aficionados from a variety of backgrounds, frustrated by the unappealing options in the mobile accessory marketplace. We formed Caudabe to create products that we could be proud of and, most of all, would enjoy using. Over the years, as our products have gained acclaim in publications like The Wall Street Journal, and major technology websites, such as Macworld, BGR, 9to5Mac, and Wirecutter, we’ve stayed true to our original mission. We continue to apply an obsessive attention, expert craftsmanship and the utmost care to the creation of all of our products. 

Our products often appear simple at first glance, but they're actually the culmination of an enormous amount of careful consideration and collaboration, all with the purpose of instilling our sense of quality and design into the end result. Because after all, anyone can make a product. The tough part is making a great product.  

Our commitment to you 

It might sound a little cliche, but we and our products truly are here to serve you. That’s why we offer an easy return policy and our popular Hassle-Free, One-Year Warranty. And it’s why we painstakingly train each and every one of our customer support staff to be responsive to your needs. We give them full reign to handle all matters as they see fit, so long as the goal is to make you happy (and even if that means they include a dose of quirky humor from time to time!).

In the end, our job is simple: it’s not about the bottom line, it's just simply about making sure you're happy with your purchase. That’s our commitment to you.      

Oh ... and how the heck do you pronounce Caudabe?

Repeat after us: kaw-DAH-bee. :)